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A Penthouse Party With Laser Tag And Piñatas

Himanc's 11th Birthday Party

Himanc turned 11 and to celebrate he had a very fun filled party in his family penthouse, with all his friends. There was a lot of activities for the children to enjoy which brought nothing but smiles and laughter.


The set up to this party was simply amazing. Balloons were situated all around the family home, which made the house pop with colour.


As soon as the children arrived, they wasted no time and got fully immersed in the giant ball pit, which was set up in the families sitting room.


The children then tested their strength through a good old fashioned game of tug-of-war, on the roof top.


There was a lot of sweet treats for all to enjoy, even the birthday cake had a variety of confectionary on top for the birthday boy to indulge in with his guests.



It was time for the main event. Laser Tag. It is safe to say all the children had a blast as they ran around the penthouse, trying to be the last man standing.


It was a beautiful end to a very jam packed party, which will be hard to forget!



Event Planners - Sharky and George


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