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Pearls Of Wisdom At The Banqueting House


A day for inspiring others. For it's second year, Palace Pearls of Wisdom hosted a truly wonderful event at the beautiful Banqueting House. The day was full of teaching and inspiring others as professionals came  in to teach their guests all about self-growth and care.


To bring this event to life, Palace Pearls of Wisdom collaborated with many amazing companies. I was able to capture Big Day Designs in the middle of creating some beautiful table cards, following the same design as the invitations.


Throughout the event, guests had a lot of opportunities to capture so many picturesque moments. One being a beautiful staircase which was designed by Royal Florist, Philippa Craddock. The attention to detail on the stair case, really made for an impressive photo opportunity like no other.


The catering for the event was incredible. Zafferano were the ones who came up with the fun, vibrant and colourful food and drink experience. The food on offer was a combination of healthy, colourful and tantalising Polynesian flavours. The options were endless, which left all the guests feeling very satisfied. As a photographer, I always find it fun and engaging when events like this have gone above and beyond to make every little detail perfect. It fills me with so much excitement to want to capture every last moment of it.


Even from the few pictures you can see from this blog, you will know that the golden forest was a huge talking point of this event. It really gave the room an artistic feel to it, which drew the guests in. This display was truly breathtaking.


Furniture is always a big part of how a room feels. Palace of Pearls collaboration with Locate to Create worked wonders for each room. Capturing the variety between modern and traditional pieces worked extremely well both within the Banqueting House and for the event itself.


The experiences that were available to the guests were talks from Event professionals speaking about enhancing creative visions, wine tasting, wreath making, calligraphy and how to photograph food the best way for Instagram and engaging with your followers. It is safe to say, this day was packed full of new skills and inspiration.





Production - Event Concept

Calligraphy - The Styled Writing Co

Videography - Madison Phipps

Entertainment - Prelude Entertainment

Illustration - Miss Magpie Spy

Catering - Zafferano

Furniture - Juno Hire

Real Grass - WOW Grass

Gold Trees - Twilight Tress

Vintage Furniture - Locate to Create


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