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A Birthday Weekend on a Private Island


There is nothing better than a fun filled party weekend with your friends and family and when we were asked to capture this 40th on a private island off the coast of Essex we were really excited. The wonderful party planners at Lillingston as always came through with a jam packed weekend of celebrations, fun activities and fine dining.  

As the guests set sail on their water taxi from Maldon to Osea Island they had no idea what was in store for them - have a read of what they got up to!



This adventurous weekend began when the guests arrived at the Island by a water taxi, where met by porters to carry their bags, and lead them to the beautiful Manor House seconds away from the beach. Here they were greeted by the most delicious welcome cocktails, canapés, and a roaming band before they were shown to the accommodation, kitted out with survival bags to get ready for the evening ahead.


For every event I shoot for, I always make sure I have some pictures of the venue and surrounding location as well as some interior shots. It helps tell the story of the day, event or weekend celebration, as well as sets the scene for those who were not able to make it. Besides, this house was too stunning not to take photos!



The views of the coastline were so dramatic when the sun began to set due to the storm that was brewing in the distance. I wasted no time to capture some landscapes for my clients to look back and remember this wonderful scenery.


Once the guests had some time to relax after their arrival it was time to light the bbq over the captains house and enjoy another round of drinks - Gin and Tonics and Margaritas all round!


Guests sat down together and enjoyed their beautifully cooked food in a very social setting.


After a delicious dinner, it was time for some more cocktails and to let their hair down as they partied into the night.


Once the party had finished at the Captains House and the cake candles had been blown out guests moved to The Shack for the after party.



The next morning the guests started the day with a good hearty breakfast before heading out to do some yoga and sports. That was sure to sort their heads out reading for another day of celebrating. As you only turn forty once..


Guests started the day off with some yoga. This calm and tranquil start to the day set them in good stead for the rest of the day.


After some calming yoga, some of the guests had a friendly game of dodgeball. Then also had a game of football. The yoga must have given them a lot of energy as everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning of sports.


After a morning of sport to sweat out the hangovers from the night before, it was time to indulge in a large pan of paella and rosé. Even after all the delicious paella, the dessert was ice cream cones and watermelon.


That evening they threw a summer chic party, which saw more cocktails, oyster shuckers and delectable canapés.


Before guests sat down to eat, they were entertained by a few speeches made by Ross's family members, which filled the air with laughter.


The table set up for the last dinner of the weekend, was beautiful. The beautiful lights made the room feel very cosy which was the perfect atmosphere for another delicious meal.


The guests had a wonderful evening, full of laughs while listening to some hilarious speeches.



Guests had an evening of live music and very colourful laser lights which made that night of dancing, even more fun with fancy dress. The cocktails continued too flow all night.



To end what has been a truly brilliant 40th celebration, guests indulged in a very hearty breakfast the next morning, which had every breakfast food you could possibly want.




Venue - Osea Island

Events Planner - Lillingston

Catering - Urban Caprice

Drinks - Rum Runner


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