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A Colourful Street Party In Chelsea

Charity Street Party

The Chelsea Party is a big yearly fundraiser for Ataxia UK. In order to help fund medical research for a cure for Fredriech's Ataxia. The street party also celebrates the community and local business which was seen to have a huge turn out last year.


Throughout the whole street set up, as well as the invitations, flowers were a rather large part of the event. Which I personally feel brightens up any event.


The streets of Chelsea were full of stalls made up of local business either selling hand crafted item or home cooked foods.





Like any good party, there was a lot of food on offer at this event. Sweet treats to savoury indulgence. People all ages were enjoying this part of the street party.


I also love capturing candid shots of people. For me these moments are priceless as the emotions are real and it shows the happiness that people were feeling at this event they're supporting.




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