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London Is Calling

A Two Night Party In The Heart Of London

Lillingston kicked off this two night party with a night at a traditional London Pub to give their Danish clients a true English experience . From Scotch eggs to sausage rolls, with plenty of pints of beer. 

Guests had a brilliant couple of evenings, enjoying some time to socialise, then set sail to explore some of Londons iconic landmarks. It was a whirlwind of a event.


Evening One

To begin this two day event by the amazing team at Lilingston's, guests spent their first evening at the Elgin Bar. Which was a great start to a fun couple of nights.


Throughout the evening at the Elgin Bar, guests were entertained by a talented band, which enjoyed listening to as they socialised with one another.


It was smiles all around as guests greeted one another, ready to enjoy a fabulous evening.


The Elgin Bar put on a delicious homemade canapé feast for all to enjoy.


Speeches are always a great part for any event. As it fills the room with laughter, which are great moments to capture The drinks particularly went down well with a little helping hand by a certain someone..



London is Calling that was hosted by Lilingston saw a very successful first night at the Elgin Bar, but it is about to get a lot bigger and better for night two. If that was at all possible.


For the second evening of London is Calling, guests were asked to meet on the Cadogan Pier, to then board the Elizabethan boat, which would take them to their next location. By the looks of it, guests were full of excitement as they boarded the boat.


As we made our way to the next venue, it was great to be able to go past some of Londons most iconic landmarks. Guests loved posing for these moments as its an angle not many are fortunate to have photos of.


Spirits were high on the boat as drinks were flowing and the excitement of what the next venue had to offer was on everyones minds.


Once we had arrived, the music from a Military Band was filling the air, as they had come to escort all the guests to the next venue, Two Temple Place.


It was warm welcomes at Two Temple Place. The guests were ready for some delicious food and drink.


The fabulous team at Holy Water LTD provided the guests with delicious cocktails all evening, and they went down a treat.


Before guests were invited to sit down for food, they were entertained by a few speeches.


As guests indulged in some delicious food, I decided to capture the venue while it was empty to show how grand and beautfiul this building is and perfect for big events like this.


To end what has been a fantastic couple of days, guests had some brilliant entertainment and had a great DJ to make it a great end to a great evening.



Event Planner - Lilingston


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