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A Stunning Wedding In The Hills

Phoebe and Stephen's Wedding

Phoebe and Stephen's wedding day was situated in a beautiful remote church, hidden amongst rolling hills. It was the perfect picturesque location to have this special day. As a photographer, these settings fill me with a lot of excitement to ensure I capture every lasting detail for this wonderful couple. This location was simply Devine and I wasted no time snapping away.


The church this couple got married in was absolutely beautiful. It was located in the most remote location which was perfect for their special day. It was great to take photos of as well, it was a photographers dream.


The guests were taken to the church in a tractor trailer, which brought the guests a lot of joy to begin the day.




As a photographer, capturing the set-up before any of the guests arrive is so important to me. As the bride and groom won't have seen the beauty of it before hand.



The guests enjoyed some heartfelt speeches from loved ones as the sun went down.




Flowers / Decorations: VV Rouleaux

Venue: Private


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