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A Charity Ball Held At A Iconic London landmark

Big Bang Ball

This years Big Bang Ball was held at the iconic Natural History Museum, which in regards to venues, it couldn't get much better than that. This charity ball was a huge success with a number of different talents that entertained the guests, along with some delicious cocktails for all to enjoy.


The Natural History Museum is a beautiful building, but at night, particularly ahead of the Big Bang Ball, the iconic building all lit up looked amazing.


Champagne was offered to guests as they arrived.


The tablescapes for this event were stunning. The pink hues from the lighting complemented the pinks flowers that filled the room so well. The extra touch of the the spotlight backdrop really made this a picturesque set up.


Throughout the evening, there were a number of wonderful speeches as well as some very talented singers to entertain the guests..


After a delicious meal, guests enjoyed a number of delicious cocktails ahead of a night of dancing.



Musician - JP Cooper


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