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A 60th They'll Never Forget At Claridges


It was so wonderful to shoot at such a prestige place for this 60th Birthday. The event was organised by the amazing Added Dimension and the brilliant lighting set up was by Lightning Events. Together it made for a splendid evening.


What better location to hold your 60th Birthday than Claridges. Everything about the set up was beautiful and it was perfect in every way.


As guests started to arrive, I thought the front of the ballroom was a grand place to capture them.


The food that was served that evening was delicious, the bright colours and presentation not only made it a pleasure to it, but it also was great to photograph.



For the evening entertainment there was a surprise Drag performance which left guests rather amused. Along with a Marilyn Monroe inspired performance, which was put on by one of the guests and a few speeches.


The celebration was seen to be full of delicious food, smiles and laughs and a lot of dancing. Which was so wonderful to capture this special celebration. 



Event Planners - Added Dimension

Production - Lightning Events

Service - Claridges Hotel


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